The Summit


Our Program

The 2019 Survivor Summit Camp will be held July 8-13 at Echo Hill Outdoor School in Worton, Maryland. Echo Hill is known for having some of the best outdoor programming on the east coast–and we are thrilled to partner with them. Please read more about them, here.

 Campers will depart together from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on July 8–and return on July 13. While at Echo Hill, participants will have the option to tackle a challenge course, explore the Chesapeake Bay, set out on overnight canoeing trips, participate in nightly activities, or just take down time in a beautiful location! They will also get to hear from inspiring cancer survivors, who will share their stories in the hopes of inspiring our campers! The Camp will accommodate 15 participants. The entire camp will take place in partnership with both trained Echo Hill Outdoor School guides, and an onsite support team from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

 As soon we finalize each of the exciting details, the full agenda will be posted here!


Children’s hospital
of philadelphia

The Cancer Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a pediatric cancer treatment facility staffed by internationally recognized pediatric oncologists and teams with expertise in every type of pediatric cancer.


Echo Hill Outdoor School

Echo Hill Outdoor School’s mission is to provide students with positive experiences in the outdoors that are exciting, interesting, and fun. Through their programs, students learn more about the wonders of nature, the value of history, and the diversity of individual qualities. 

Echo Hill Outdoor School is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for students to feel challenged and successful with the freedom to think, question and express themselves.



How much does it cost?
Campers will attend the camp at no cost. The vision of Survivor Summit is to run this camp annually, and for it to always remain at no cost to the campers. To make this work- we are seeking your support.

How many campers will go?
The camp is capped at 15 participants. From our experience with prior events, we believe that this size group will lead to the best experience for each camper. It is our hope and belief that this size will help maximize team building, friendship and fun!

Do you have to have outdoor experience to attend?
NO! This camp is open to all levels of outdoor experience! There will be optional experiences throughout the week that campers can choose to do based on comfort level, but no experience is required. The range of activities offered will appeal to all. 

Where do I sleep?
In rustic cabins, with air conditioning, and full showers/bathrooms. We do plan an optional night of sleeping in tents, weather permitting.